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Zanotta Side Table

Treasured for years as timeless classics each zanotta design makes a refined addition to any space. Side table in conical shape.

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Among the original progenitors and standard bearers of italian furniture designthe intrepid canaries when home furnishing was little more than a utilitarian cavezanotta has carved out an all but untouchable place in the ranks of contemporary luxury.

Zanotta side table. Steel sheet top 4 mm thick with either natural or black nickel satin finish or mirror top 5 mm thick. The tempo side table by zanotta was designed by italian artist and designer prospero rasulo. Established in 1954 zanotta is one of the recognized leaders in italian industrial design. Made in italy by zanotta designed as a beauty mark for a room which brings physical and visual support to a space. All design objects from this series are mostly made by hand and cater to a high artistic demand. Discover the side table product range of zanotta.

The curved tod side table was designed by todd bracher for the italian manufacturer zanotta in the year 2005. The table with the striking shape is visually reminiscent of a dumbbell and accordingly has two large surfaces which are connected by a narrow bar. The first zanotta collection was launched in the year 1989 and was called zanotta edizioni. A leader in industrial design zanotta collaborates with designers to create icons such as the maggiolina chair the reale dining table and the gilda armchair. The furniture from the zanotta edizioni collection were supposed to be loved by their owners as if they were precious paintings or elegant sculptures. The side table by zanotta is called tod after the name of its designer todd bracher.

Contact the manufacturer directly. And the eye catching table emanates pure joie de vivre. I designed for zanotta a duo of side tables using the strength of glass as statement three layered blown glass legs in the shades smoky grey light blue amber or blue. Guided by the insight and wonderful entrepreneurship abilities of the founder aureilio zanotta beginning in the 1960s it won and has held the international spotlight. The zanotta tod side tables design scores in the disciplines coolness as well as functionality. The tables organic quality acts as a visual transition from floor to surface which contrasts the usual rectangular forms of the sofas and beds it sits beside.

The cause is in modern design which although borrowing from classic tables creates a fresh overall impression.

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