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Swivel Chair Integration

If you are using swivel chair integration and will be interested to explore an integration platform that can give you above benefits check out robomq or feel free to send us a note at info at robomqio. A swivel spinny or revolving chair is a chair with a single central leg that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees to the left or right.

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Swivel chair interface is an insider term that basically means you have too many web applications operating at once.

Swivel chair integration. The term is derived from the action of entering data on one office system and then turning in a swiveling office chair to enter the same data on another accessible system. As healthcare software became more and more purpose built companies started to use multiple software packages and the method of integration became what i like to call swivel chair integration. Swivel chair builds intelligent automation workflows. Healthcare integration used to be paper. This causes you to swivel your chair back and forth to look at siloed sources of data and besides building up the chiropractor bill from all that neck straining working this way can cause it security and network professionals. I have removed my fair share of swivel chairs over the years.

The first swivel chair was invented by thomas jefferson and is purported to be the chair on which he drafted the united states declaration of independence in 1776. The swivel chair interface can be eliminated through better network management and data integration combined with more unified interfaces. Swivel chair is a slang term for a common interface work around that involves manually entering data into one system and then entering the same data into another system. Print it out then mail it fax it or give it to the patient and let himher take it to the next provider. We feel a strong urge to take the chair away and do it properly. A swivel chair interface sometimes known as swivel chair integration is a system for computer input and interaction that requires users to move from one interface to another sometimes duplicating work.

This is another one of those i was that soldier moments. Next steps to learn how swivelchair can automate your workflows click below. We broke down high level process maps into lower level process maps that fell into specific cohesive business areas. The term is derived from the practice of the user turning from one system to another using a swivel chair. A good example of this i think is the speed with which we snicker at the very mention of a swivel chair based integration strategy. We evaluate areas where your business is performing multiple inefficient tasks and builds front end interfaces and back end database integration to deliver powerful results.

We have built our saas and iot integration platform with these benefits as the core design principles. It smacks of wrongness. Swivel chair integration is bad recently we took a look at process mapping as a means to achieve a dynamic rather than static view of the business.

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