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Electric Chair Meme Origin

Most commonly the electric chair. Electric chair or chair but make it electric is a slang response used primarily on twitter to an action or statement made that has deemed the perpetrator worthy of the death penalty.

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Try not to laugh ylyl challenge oblivion edition memes get this man to 100k.

Electric chair meme origin. But now almost a decade after i wrote this the tennessee legislature has voted to bring back the electric chair. We are the only nation in the world that employs the electric chair. To be executed by electrocution. Death penalty by electric chair reinstated. Louisianas electric chair which in 1940 replaced hanging as the primary method of execution in the state was dubbed gruesome gertie. Meme status submission type.

Viral videos image macros catchphrases web celebs and more. Features great songs like creeping death for whom the bell tolls the title track and more. At auburn prison in new york the first execution by electrocution in history is carried out against william kemmler who had been convicted of murdering his lover matilda ziegler with an axe. Chair definition a seat especially for one person usually having four legs for support and a rest for the back and often having rests for the arms. Though most electric chairs were nicknamed old sparky a few carried their own unique colloquial designations. The primary means of execution in the us.

On that standard alone it should be deemed both cruel and unusual. First execution by electric chair. Lethal injection is the most widely used method of execution but states still authorize other methods including electrocution gas chamber hanging and firing squad. Indianas chair was old betsy and alabamas above left was called yellow mama. Know your meme is a website dedicated to documenting internet phenomena. Have been hanging electrocution the gas chamber firing squad and lethal injection.

Slang year 2017 origin twitter tags death penalty die no about. Awesome album by metallica.

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